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Welcome to Faithful Hound Consulting, your dedicated partner for business success, based in King George, VA.


We specialize in crafting customized business plans, offering expert guidance in business development, and equipping our clients with the essential tools to navigate uncertainty.


Our commitment to accessibility means we conduct online video sessions, ensuring our services are within reach for all entrepreneurs.


At Faithful Hound Consulting, we believe in delivering high-quality, personalized support tailored to your unique needs.


Together, let's unlock the potential for your business's success.


Arm businesses with the tools they need to survive uncertainty and meet their milestones.


Create a world where small business owners can get the support they need effortlessly.

Nathaniel Garcia


With an MBA in Entrepreneurship and invaluable experience from the Navy, I launched Faithful Hound Consulting, bringing top-tier management skills and unmatched attention to detail.

But why "Faithful Hound," you might ask? Well, it's simple. I believe that the relationship between a consultant and a client should be like the bond between a loyal hound and its owner - unconditional support, companionship, and a readiness to go the extra mile, no matter what. 

My passion lies in empowering entrepreneurs. I firmly believe that education shouldn't hinder business success. I'm here to guide and provide the solutions you need to realize your entrepreneurial aspirations.


As committed as a loyal hound, I'm with you through highs and lows. Let's embark on a journey towards the success you've imagined and beyond.

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